Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have tried to answer frequently asked questions, please read before contacting support.

ERAVIS is a technologically advanced infrastructure company specializing in cryptocurrency mining. Our main activity is to provide the user with professional services of hosting mining equipment with a choice of cryptocurrency and daily profits for you.

Click the registration button on the platform. Enter your details and register successfully.

The user is allowed to have only one account. If this rule is violated, the administration has the right to block the user without explanation.

Every day you can earn from 1% to 3% of your deposit amount + referral bonuses.

ERAVIS marketing is designed using levels. The more power a user buys, the higher his level is. The profitability depends directly on the level obtained. If initially the user receives 1% per day, then with the increase in the available power for mining the profitability can grow up to 3% per day.

You can calculate your profit using the profitability calculator. In this section you can calculate your projected profit by specifying the amount of investment and the period of operation of the equipment.

The platform provides for your use such payment systems as: Perfect Money, Litecoin, Stellar, Dogecoin, Zcash, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Tron, Ethereum, Ripple.

In order to deposit your balance, you need to log in to your account, then go to the page "Balance". Then select one of the provided payment systems (specify the amount required only for the deposit in USD) and click "Deposit". The system will generate for you wallet address to which you should make deposit. After the deposit will be credited you need to buy power for mining cryptocurrencies.

ERAVIS cannot affect the blockchain network and speed up the processing of your deposit. As soon as the deposit is received by the company, it will automatically be credited to your balance.

Once you have topped up your balance, you need to go to the "Buy Mining Power" page. You need to specify the amount and the payment system with which you want to buy power. Choose one of the three provided ways of mining cryptocurrencies (SCRYPT,SHA-256,ETHASH) and click on the "Buy Mining Power" button. Once the power has been purchased, you need to activate the mining.

You need to log in to your account, then go to the "Mining" page and choose one of the three provided ways of mining cryptocurrencies (SCRYPT, SHA-256, ETHASH). Then activate the mining by moving the power pointer as you wish. You have 100% power that you can use either to mine a specific cryptocurrency or to distribute it among several cryptocurrencies.

The cryptocurrency mining power is located on a mining farm, therefore, your equipment cannot affect cryptocurrency mining in any way. You can close the site and turn off your device. If your power is set to mine any currency in your personal account, you will make a profit according to the marketing.

You need to log in to your account, then go to the "Balance" page and click "Withdraw from Account". Then specify the payment system, the desired amount to withdraw and click on the bottom button "Withdraw". Be careful when specifying the amount, as the platform has minimum amounts for withdrawal.

Withdrawal of profit is available when the following values on the balance of the user: 10 USD, 0.15 LTC, 50 XLM, 200 DOGE, 0.5 ZEC, 0.005 BTC, 0.1 BCH, 0.1 DASH, 150 TRX, 0.1 ETH, 20 XRP

ERAVIS does not charge for financial transactions for deposits or withdrawals. However, fees may be charged by a number of payment systems, that you use. The amount of commission depends on the payment system you use.

Cryptocurrency mining power purchased by users works on a perpetual basis.

Absolutely all requests are processed by a group of operators in manual mode. In a standard situation processing takes up to 30 minutes. The speed of processing requests directly depends on their volume and can take up to 48 hours.

If you have already created a withdrawal request and noticed that it was created with an incorrect wallet address or payment system, immediately contact the support team with a request to cancel the withdrawal request. In case the request will be processed and the amount will be sent successfully, it will be impossible to return your funds.

To recover your password, you can use the automatic password recovery function. To do this during authorization, click on "Forgot your password?" and follow the instructions. After password recovery you will receive an e-mail (this e-mail may get "spam"), which you specified during registration. Please note that if you use a temporary e-mail, or if you incorrectly specified email during registration, you will not be able to recover your password. You will not be able to change your email address or user name. We advise you to save this information and not to disclose it to third parties. Or contact technical support.

ERAVIS takes a responsible approach to protecting the personal data of its users, as well as the security of its site. Any attempts to collect users' personal information, hacking of the site code, unfair use of the affiliate program, gaining access to user accounts through hacking, using third-party services to artificially increase the number of partners, as well as any insults to the administration of the site or its users may become a reason for suspension of the user account.

If you have not found an answer to your question, you need to contact technical support. Technical support will answer you as soon as possible and give a detailed answer to your question. Also for a quicker response you can use the social networks that are listed on the site.

Yes, of course, you need to go to the "Mining" page and opposite each cryptocurrency you will see the "EXCHANGE TO USD" button. As soon as you click this button, the currency will instantly be exchanged for USD.

The project has a two-level affiliate program, your referral link, all information about the referral program, as well as promotional materials you can find in the "Partners" section.

To start mining, the first purchase should be no less than: SCRYPT - 20 MH/s SHA-256 - 120 GH/s ETHASH - 4 MH/s